Monday, December 21, 2009

My book launch for 2011

My first book is expected to be launched in 2011
The title, Meditation for Life ~ How to look inside for answers through meditation, provides a good indication of the contents. The writing of this book came about through my desire to share my experiences, insights and understanding of Meditation with people from all walks of life and for them to see then that meditation is truly, a key practice for the 21st century. Keep checking back to find out when my book is available for ordering.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Home Truths" DVD

The new DVD, "HOME TRUTHS" is now available for ordering. Made in Australia, it makes compelling viewing!
Do you want to stay healthy, create a healthy home and a healthy environment, then you need to have a copy of this DVD. It is selling fast at only $4.95. Order your copy NOW! Contact me at
or Ph: +61 2 6343 2424; Mob: 0414 627 226

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My latest free article for you

Enjoy reading my latest article, "REAL LOVE".
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Phillip Day - Suppressed Health Science

This is an essential video for people who wish to stay healthy and is also for cancer patients and others. Phillip Day is an authority on health issues. He has been a top Health Researcher for 25 years.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Be part of our Healthy Homes Initiative and make a difference!

Are you interested in Creating Healthy Homes and a Healthy Environment?
If you are then you can also create a ripple effect....
It only takes one person to act and share this mission and vision of Healthy Homes and Environments for a ripple effect to happen.

Want to know more, then take a look at

Also see how your home rates. Take our five minute interactive survey. Go to:-

We'd love you to become a part of this important mission and vision, incorporating our Healthy Homes Initiative.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Report on Phillip Day's Sydney Event & what's next!

I came home from Phillip Day's event yesterday afternoon and I'm amazed with how much NEW INFORMATION he shared!
He actually spent an extra 1hr 45mins educating the people that were there!
If you can't sleep then drink some water and then place a couple of grains of Himalayan Rock Salt on the tougue before putting your head on the pillow. Works wonders!

If you have cancer, you don't have to travel to Mexico for Complementary Therapies, because any Doctor or Naturopath can support you as most of the work must be done by our selves anyway. i.e. Get rid of stress! Get out of stressful Environments, including stressful relationships! We require at least 4-6 weeks of Holidays regularly, this enables us to de-stress, and let go of unhealthy programs, and re-evaluate our lives etc.

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming; he gave it a massive plug, as Good Health is all about a Great Attitude! And, so much more...

Phillip is speaking again tonight.
So, if you want to know more about what you can do
to achieve optimal results in your life,
then get along to his next event.

Sydney 23rd March (tonight) 7.30pm Epping RSL, Rawson St Epping NSW

Canberra 25th March 7.30pm National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Steps to Success

You can read my first free article, "Steps to Success"
Achieve Your Dreams, on our website.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eat your way to good health!

Julie Dudley, one of the rising stars in the Neways' world,
shared this with Laurence Billing (our upline Double Diamond)
after attending the Leverage in Action first Healthy Homes
Meeting, in Sydney on Wednesday night. This gives you a clear
understanding of the type of information that you can benefit
from by attending these events, and/or being associated with
Food as fuel...Carole Hungerford says vets have it right.
"Because of the increasing rates of obesity, unhealthy eating habits
and physical inactivity, we may see the first generation that will be
less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents."
-Richard Carmona, former Surgeon General of the US.
Dr. Carole Hungerford, an integrative general practitioner,
is more than alarmed by Richard Carmona's statement.
She's angry and full of "missionary zeal" to do her bit to turn the tide.
She recently published a revised edition of her book Good Health In
The 21st. Century, which paraphrases Carmona's prediction on its back cover.
Despite Hungerford's personal zeal, her book is not a
prescriptive how-to health guide. Rather, it asks a lot of questions
and suggests, rather than declares, answers.
Are contemporary farming practices, for example, undermining our
health by reducing the nutritional content of our food? Why is there so
much focus on developing drugs to cure diseases, rather than on
disease prevention? Who benefits from this focus?
It also explains how biological systems work, proffers alternative
explanations for the ailments affecting increasing numbers of young
people - such as asthma, allergies and infertility - and quotes
T.S.Eliot and Shakespeare along the way. It lives right up
to its subtitle: "A Family Doctor's Unconventional Guide."
Hungerford, 63, says she dreamed of being a doctor but wound up
focusing on humanities at high school and did an arts degree at
Sydney University before tackling medicine.
Her non-science background has, she believes,
helped her question the status quo.
"Those three years (of arts) were absolutely invaluable because I
learned how to learn....Arts teaches you how to think but medicine is
still fairly didactic, black and white."
And , she says, it's also far too focused on pharmaceuticals.
If Good Health In The 21st Century does have a central theme, it's
the importance of nutrition to human well-being;
that food itself can be medicine.
Doctors, says Hungerford, could learn a
thing or two from vets.
"If you have (livestock) with breathing difficulties,
you don't go putting them all on Ventolin
- you start finding out what is wrong with them
and the first thing the vet will ask is:
'What are you feeding the animal?
Could your soils be depleted?' "
(Her husband is an organic farmer and climate-change activist.)
At medical school, she says, "lip service was paid to nutrition and diet".
Hungerford believes many diseases of the 21st century,
from allergies to obesity and arthritis,
may be the result of,
or at least aggravated by,
low-grade micronutrient deficiencies
that are in turn the result of our narrow,
over-processed diets and depleted soils.
"Between them, meat, milk, wheat, potato and tomato
provide the bulk of the nutritionally significant
part of the Western diet."
Our hunter-gatherer ancestors, by contrast,
ate a diverse range of plants and animals.
What they ate was fresh, ripe
and in season, and the soils everything
depended upon were rich.
Their diet probably provided, she says,
a vast range of nutrients in tiny amounts
and the variety protected them
from allergies and sensitivities.
Hungerford goes so far as to suggest that some of the health benefits
attributed to olive oil in the Mediterranean diet may also be
the result of its breadth.
Ditto the traditional French diet.
"As we move away from the old idea of the five or seven basic food
groups to a more sophisticated understanding of human
biochemistry.... we start to see extraordinary complexity," she writes.
Terms such as phytochemicals, leucopenes, essential fatty acids and
ultra-trace elements are coming into everyday language.
Many of these substances are required
in small amounts or even tiny amounts.
Although they may not be essential for survival,
they may be essential for optimal health."
Hungerford says she used to be a far more
"straight down the middle of the road" doctor
until she spent a few years working in London.
"Iwas in high-rise slums where kids were often
living on Coke and chips. You suddenly started
to see first-hand that your risk of getting sick did seem
to be related to what you eat."
These days, she says: "I rarely put my pen to a script.
I'm not stupid,though. If someone has high blood
pressure I put them on blood pressure pills.
If a child came in here with meningitis.... he would
be mainlining antibiotics and I would be
dialling triple 0. I am still an orthodox doctor in that sense
.... but I refuse to treat asthma as a Ventolin deficiency."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Toxic Burden

Our world is becoming increasingly toxic and, therefore, so are we. More than 80,000 synthetic chemicals have been introduced to the environment over the last 70 years. This rapid rate of environmental change had exceeded the rate that organic life requires to evolve adaptation tactics.

Every day we are confronted by synthetic chemicals. Personal care and cleaning products, air pollutants, contaminants in our washing and drinking water, bleach in our tea bags, pesticide residues and artificial additives in our foods, and fire retardants on our furniture and new clothes are just a few examples of what chemicals a "normal" day exposes us toA group of chemicals referred to as persistent organic pollutants or POPs are of the biggest concern. POPs have incredible resilience in the environment, surviving and reacting for long periods of time. What's more POPs have the tendency to bioaccumulate: that is, their concentration in living tissue increases as they rise up the food chain.

One example is Bisphenol A, which is a chemical used to make plastics hard. It's in polycarbonate plastic products such as:-
Baby Bottles, Hard Water Bottles, Food Containers, Resin Lining of Aluminium Cans and in some Dental Sealants.
A study published in the journal, Reproductive Toxicology, found a link between bisphenol A and female reproductive disorders such as cystic ovaries and cancers. In August, an expert panel from the National Institutes of Health, expressed concern that bisphenol A may harm children and adults and recommended more research be done.

What can we do to eliminate the build-up of these toxins in our bodies?

We need to detox and give our bodies a boost with The Neways Energy Trio.
Firstly, Neways high potency multi-vitamin, Orachel, will help you detox as well as supply you with all the vitamins your body requires every day.
Our powerful, three phase antioxidant, Revenol, will clean up all the free radicals throughout the body. Lastly, Neways Feroxin, is a liquid wholistic food that supplies your body with all ninety minerals and trace elements it needs each day to take up all other essential nutrients and vitamins properly.

Switch to Safe and Effective Products in Your Home.

Neways Lfestyle Pack contains safe and effective products for your personal care, skin care, laundry care and nutritional care. It also contains the Energy Trio.

No potentially harmful ingredients are found in our products.

Send us an email to find out more.....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dental Care

A healthy approach to oral hygiene.

Free from alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate and fluoride, Neways’ Dental Care System provides a comprehensive and highly effective approach to dental hygiene.

This complete range of dental products is specifically designed for families who want safe,
yet powerful, dental care - from keeping cavities at bay and plaque under control to eliminating tooth decay and bad breath.

Neways’ dental products are non-abrasive, natural cleansers and can help dissolve food particles and reduce the build-up of plaque. Now everyone can enjoy fresher breath, sparkling white teeth - and safer, more efficient dental care with the Neways’ Dental Care System.

UltraShine Radiance

UltraShine Radiance combines safe, effective ingredients with gentle cleaning power for great oral hygiene. Brushing with peppermint flavoured UltraShine Radiance and rinsing with Eliminator leaves your mouth feeling tingly fresh and you can be certain that this exceptional combination of ingredients, including xylitol, casein and stabilised chlorine dioxide has gently and effectively broken down food particles without any harsh abrasives.

Ultrashine Radiance Toothpaste

Product Usage: Brush teeth morning and night with UltraShine Radiance and rinse with Eliminator. After brushing, wait ten minutes before eating or drinking.

Radiance Toothpaste

Radiance Toothpaste has a mild, minty flavour. It gently and effectively cleans the teeth and is suitable for the whole family.Radiance does not contain harsh abrasives which may cause gum and enamel damage, it utilises up-to-date technology enabling food films to be dissolved to avoid plaque build up and tooth decay. For best results, use with Eliminator Mouthwash.

Radiance Toothpaste

Product Usage: Apply Radiance to a dry toothbrush and brush teeth thoroughly. For best results, brush morning and night with Radiance and Eliminator.

It is important not to use water when using this programme.Wait at least 10 minutes before eating or drinking.

Eliminator Mouthwash

Eliminator Mouthwash is the perfect partner for Radiance and UltraShine Radiance Toothpastes. Containing stabilised chlorine dioxide and delicately flavoured with peppermint, Eliminator may assist with breaking down and dissolving food films. It is gentle on delicate mouth tissues yet tough on bacteria and plaque. Its unique ability to destroy food films and help deal with mouth odours makes it perfect to enhance your dental hygiene programme.

Eliminator Mouthwash

Product Usage: Rinse mouth thoroughly with Eliminator after brushing and wait at least ten minutes before drinking water.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Foodmatters - it's a matter of Responsibility

This is a fantastic Educational Video that says so much, thank goodness
we've learnt what we have over the past few years in being responsible.

I believe it is never to late to start making Healthy Choices, to therefore
have a Healthy Home!

Phillip Day, Cancer Researcher and one of the World's Leading
Health Authors is coming to Australia to do a series of talks
titled, "HEALING IN THE HOME!" Don't miss this opportunity, he's funny,
you'll be rolling in the aisles while getting Healthier!

Click here or copy this into your browser to learn more and book your tickets. Let
me know if you are going and to which venue! It'll be great to get your

Click on this link to see the video

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mouthwash linked to cancer

From: The Sunday Telegraph
January 11, 2009

AUSTRALIA'S top-selling mouthwashes can cause oral cancer and
should be pulled from supermarket shelves immediately.

Leading independent experts have issued this strong warning after
investigating latest scientific evidence linking alcohol-containing
mouthwashes to the deadly disease.

Their review, published in the Dental Journal of Australia, concludes
there is now ``sufficient evidence'' that "alcohol-containing mouthwashes
contribute to the increased risk of development of oral cancer''.

Click here to read the full article on the website

Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link
into yourbrowser:,22049,24896583-5001021,00.html

Wholesome Ingredients

Neways Healthy Homes products

combine the best from science and

nature, to offer a wide variety of

personal and household products

with safety conscious formulas that

you can use with confidence.

We not only refuse to use potentially harmful ingredients in our

formulas but strive to add wholesome, gentle, scientifically proven and

advanced ingredients to every product we create.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


…make a New Year resolution and keep it!

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."
– Tuli Kupferberg

Most people don't have a clue how to make a reasonable resolution,
which is why most people fail to keep them. We set high goals for
ourselves, and then wonder why we never attain them. So we either
stop setting goals (never a good choice), or make resolutions that
are ridiculously easy to keep.

Achieving Success

Are you determined that this year you'll keep those New Year's

Here are a few goal setting tips to get you started!

Don't Try Everything at Once!
There's a temptation, with the New Year, to run off a list of
everything we've ever wanted to change. Don't fall for it! You'll have
better luck fulfilling one or two goals than you will a list of fifty. You
can always add new resolutions to your list later. Take one thing at
a time.

Word it Carefully.
Let's say your resolution is to relax more in the coming year. Word
this carefully.
Try not to think of it as "This year I am going to relax." That's a
stress-inducer waiting to happen. It forces you into thinking of the
resolution as something you must do, not something you want to do.
Try to make it sound a little gentler:
"This year I'm going to explore different ways of relaxing."
It also suggests more of a plan - you'll fulfil the resolution by
experimenting with relaxation techniques. The first resolution sounds
as if you're going to force yourself to relax by sheer willpower.

Make a Plan.
Once you know what your resolution is, try to break it down.
Nobody accomplishes anything of significance by trying to do it all at
once. This doesn't have to be a complicated plan; just brainstorm
enough to give you a place to start. For relaxing, you might devise a
plan like this:
1) Surf the Internet to find different relaxation techniques.
2) Make a list of all the techniques that interest you.
3) Pick one of these techniques—meditation, progressive relaxation or self-hypnosis, for instance - and try one for a month.
4) Try a different technique every month until you find one you like.

Write it Down.
Write down your resolution and your plan of action. Stick it up on
the fridge, on your bathroom mirror, wherever you know you'll see it.
That way you'll have a constant reminder of the resolution. You may
want to change the wording as time passes and your goal changes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hormone Replacement Therapy - There is an alternative!

Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT ... There is an alternative!

Our bodies are being bombarded by poisons,
sprays, plastics, processed foods and stress.

Many of these toxins produce Xeno-oestrogens. If you suffer with
any of the following ailments, you may be suffering from an

Oestrogen Dominance.
• Breast tenderness or swelling • Fibrocystic breasts • Heavymenstrual flow or irregular periods • Menstrual cramps • PMS• Endometriosis • Cravings • Weight gain • Bloating • Uterinefibrosis • Fibroid tumours and ovarian cysts • Loss of libido• Mood swings • Depression • Acne • Osteoporosis.

This oestrogen dominance may also result in interference with
proper thyroid function, infertility and increased risk of feminine
cancers. Blanket prescribing of the Pill and HRT seems to
increase the problems further and may produce significant and
sometimes life threatening side affects.

What has Nature got to say?

In the past, hormonal imbalance was most often considered to be
a problem associated with menopause. However, a large portion
of women in their thirties or even younger, are showing alarming
signs of hormonal misfunction. The incidence of needless
hysterectomies for young women has grown alarmingly.

Wild Yam and Chaste Tree - the ideal solution!

Recent research has found that the extracts of Wild Yam and
Chaste Tree in the form of a cream, indicate significant benefits
for women in creating relief from oestrogen dominance and
progesterone deficiency symptoms. This has been a breakthrough
for women globally.

Due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients
both men and women with joint pain, spinal pain and arthritis find
great relief. Men with prostate challenges too may experience
relief simply by applying the cream!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Craig Griffiths run a Karate School; Benefits of Neways products

Craig Griffiths run a Karate School
My name is Craig Griffiths; I live in the sunny Gold Coast with my beautiful family Sam and our three great kids. I run a karate school with 75 instructors and 1000+ students.
Training is great keeps me fit but can wear me out at the best of times. I used to say I was fit but I wasn’t healthy, not as much as I wanted to be anyway. I was informed about how great these products were by my Chief Instructor who looked like a $million dollars and who had stomach cancer at the time, he just looked great and he still had heaps of energy and I mean heaps.
Anyway to cut a long story short, I was told to speak to Christen Collins so I did and the rest is history. We’ve been using Neways since November 2004 when I decided I wanted to feel and look better than I currently was. I got started and was told it will take 60 to 90 days to start to see the difference, but I would feel the difference a whole lot sooner.
The first thing I noticed was I didn’t suffer from B.O. (body odour) My gums weren’t bleeding. I had more energy. Going to bed late and get up real early, it’s been awesome. Then I could see the difference, My complexion was looking great and then I was told about the 2nd chance treatment to help my receding hair (baldness). People started to comment on how I was looking and training “Wow” this stuff works I thought?
Our new baby and I are having a race to see who’s going to have a head full of hair first! My hair is coming back like you wouldn’t believe. The whole family uses the products. Baby Chantelle is a chemical free baby who’s never had toxins and chemicals, animal fats etc on her body, which is fantastic.
We now use all of the Neways products which helps me and my family in the karate business and personal life but best of all I can train harder and longer than I have in the past and the proof is that people notice.
I am now looking forward to the future with Neways. I can’t forget the part time business potential. I just wanted the products to pay for themselves (which is happening), and now we see so much more potential and the car is our next aim!

Warm regards
Craig Griffiths

Feed Your Brain
The answer is to power your brain on super foods!
Yes, nutrition has everything to do with your success. You can't achieve any long term success, being; sport or business success on junk foods, processed foods, red meat, dairy, sodas and sugar. That type of diet may be fine for some people but not in the real world where your paycheck depends on your performance.
In the real world, if you want to succeed, you've got to power yourself with super foods and high-end nutritional supplements.This is truly one of my own greatest secrets to successful productivity.
Each day, I start off by drinking freshly-made vegetable and fruit juices blended with super foods. Here are some of my favorite super foods:
Delicious Hawaiian Noni, Feroxin, New Vera, Durian Fusion and Green Qi
• Raw fruit & vegetables (Organic)
You also need high-end nutritional supplements, especially ones that give you healthy cellular energy. One of the very best -- which is almost in a "miracle" class by itself -- is Energy Trio Orachel, Feroxin and Revenol.
Another one I use, not surprisingly, is the omega-3 & 6-rich marine oil EFA Recovery and Ming Gold for energy, recovery-enhancing and performance-supporting powers.
I also strongly suggest the supplements from Neways. The supplements sold by Neways are also outstanding for mental performance, especially their Ingenious product & Anti-Oxidants.
If you want to succeed with your business or sport (Karate), you need a fully-functioning brain, and that means taking the very best nutritional supplements in the world from Neways nutrition.
By Craig Griffiths

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Creating Healthy Homes
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We would love to help you create a healthy home for yourself
and those you care about.