Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dental Care

A healthy approach to oral hygiene.

Free from alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate and fluoride, Neways’ Dental Care System provides a comprehensive and highly effective approach to dental hygiene.

This complete range of dental products is specifically designed for families who want safe,
yet powerful, dental care - from keeping cavities at bay and plaque under control to eliminating tooth decay and bad breath.

Neways’ dental products are non-abrasive, natural cleansers and can help dissolve food particles and reduce the build-up of plaque. Now everyone can enjoy fresher breath, sparkling white teeth - and safer, more efficient dental care with the Neways’ Dental Care System.

UltraShine Radiance

UltraShine Radiance combines safe, effective ingredients with gentle cleaning power for great oral hygiene. Brushing with peppermint flavoured UltraShine Radiance and rinsing with Eliminator leaves your mouth feeling tingly fresh and you can be certain that this exceptional combination of ingredients, including xylitol, casein and stabilised chlorine dioxide has gently and effectively broken down food particles without any harsh abrasives.

Ultrashine Radiance Toothpaste

Product Usage: Brush teeth morning and night with UltraShine Radiance and rinse with Eliminator. After brushing, wait ten minutes before eating or drinking.

Radiance Toothpaste

Radiance Toothpaste has a mild, minty flavour. It gently and effectively cleans the teeth and is suitable for the whole family.Radiance does not contain harsh abrasives which may cause gum and enamel damage, it utilises up-to-date technology enabling food films to be dissolved to avoid plaque build up and tooth decay. For best results, use with Eliminator Mouthwash.

Radiance Toothpaste

Product Usage: Apply Radiance to a dry toothbrush and brush teeth thoroughly. For best results, brush morning and night with Radiance and Eliminator.

It is important not to use water when using this programme.Wait at least 10 minutes before eating or drinking.

Eliminator Mouthwash

Eliminator Mouthwash is the perfect partner for Radiance and UltraShine Radiance Toothpastes. Containing stabilised chlorine dioxide and delicately flavoured with peppermint, Eliminator may assist with breaking down and dissolving food films. It is gentle on delicate mouth tissues yet tough on bacteria and plaque. Its unique ability to destroy food films and help deal with mouth odours makes it perfect to enhance your dental hygiene programme.

Eliminator Mouthwash

Product Usage: Rinse mouth thoroughly with Eliminator after brushing and wait at least ten minutes before drinking water.