Saturday, January 10, 2009


…make a New Year resolution and keep it!

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."
– Tuli Kupferberg

Most people don't have a clue how to make a reasonable resolution,
which is why most people fail to keep them. We set high goals for
ourselves, and then wonder why we never attain them. So we either
stop setting goals (never a good choice), or make resolutions that
are ridiculously easy to keep.

Achieving Success

Are you determined that this year you'll keep those New Year's

Here are a few goal setting tips to get you started!

Don't Try Everything at Once!
There's a temptation, with the New Year, to run off a list of
everything we've ever wanted to change. Don't fall for it! You'll have
better luck fulfilling one or two goals than you will a list of fifty. You
can always add new resolutions to your list later. Take one thing at
a time.

Word it Carefully.
Let's say your resolution is to relax more in the coming year. Word
this carefully.
Try not to think of it as "This year I am going to relax." That's a
stress-inducer waiting to happen. It forces you into thinking of the
resolution as something you must do, not something you want to do.
Try to make it sound a little gentler:
"This year I'm going to explore different ways of relaxing."
It also suggests more of a plan - you'll fulfil the resolution by
experimenting with relaxation techniques. The first resolution sounds
as if you're going to force yourself to relax by sheer willpower.

Make a Plan.
Once you know what your resolution is, try to break it down.
Nobody accomplishes anything of significance by trying to do it all at
once. This doesn't have to be a complicated plan; just brainstorm
enough to give you a place to start. For relaxing, you might devise a
plan like this:
1) Surf the Internet to find different relaxation techniques.
2) Make a list of all the techniques that interest you.
3) Pick one of these techniques—meditation, progressive relaxation or self-hypnosis, for instance - and try one for a month.
4) Try a different technique every month until you find one you like.

Write it Down.
Write down your resolution and your plan of action. Stick it up on
the fridge, on your bathroom mirror, wherever you know you'll see it.
That way you'll have a constant reminder of the resolution. You may
want to change the wording as time passes and your goal changes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hormone Replacement Therapy - There is an alternative!

Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT ... There is an alternative!

Our bodies are being bombarded by poisons,
sprays, plastics, processed foods and stress.

Many of these toxins produce Xeno-oestrogens. If you suffer with
any of the following ailments, you may be suffering from an

Oestrogen Dominance.
• Breast tenderness or swelling • Fibrocystic breasts • Heavymenstrual flow or irregular periods • Menstrual cramps • PMS• Endometriosis • Cravings • Weight gain • Bloating • Uterinefibrosis • Fibroid tumours and ovarian cysts • Loss of libido• Mood swings • Depression • Acne • Osteoporosis.

This oestrogen dominance may also result in interference with
proper thyroid function, infertility and increased risk of feminine
cancers. Blanket prescribing of the Pill and HRT seems to
increase the problems further and may produce significant and
sometimes life threatening side affects.

What has Nature got to say?

In the past, hormonal imbalance was most often considered to be
a problem associated with menopause. However, a large portion
of women in their thirties or even younger, are showing alarming
signs of hormonal misfunction. The incidence of needless
hysterectomies for young women has grown alarmingly.

Wild Yam and Chaste Tree - the ideal solution!

Recent research has found that the extracts of Wild Yam and
Chaste Tree in the form of a cream, indicate significant benefits
for women in creating relief from oestrogen dominance and
progesterone deficiency symptoms. This has been a breakthrough
for women globally.

Due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients
both men and women with joint pain, spinal pain and arthritis find
great relief. Men with prostate challenges too may experience
relief simply by applying the cream!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Craig Griffiths run a Karate School; Benefits of Neways products

Craig Griffiths run a Karate School
My name is Craig Griffiths; I live in the sunny Gold Coast with my beautiful family Sam and our three great kids. I run a karate school with 75 instructors and 1000+ students.
Training is great keeps me fit but can wear me out at the best of times. I used to say I was fit but I wasn’t healthy, not as much as I wanted to be anyway. I was informed about how great these products were by my Chief Instructor who looked like a $million dollars and who had stomach cancer at the time, he just looked great and he still had heaps of energy and I mean heaps.
Anyway to cut a long story short, I was told to speak to Christen Collins so I did and the rest is history. We’ve been using Neways since November 2004 when I decided I wanted to feel and look better than I currently was. I got started and was told it will take 60 to 90 days to start to see the difference, but I would feel the difference a whole lot sooner.
The first thing I noticed was I didn’t suffer from B.O. (body odour) My gums weren’t bleeding. I had more energy. Going to bed late and get up real early, it’s been awesome. Then I could see the difference, My complexion was looking great and then I was told about the 2nd chance treatment to help my receding hair (baldness). People started to comment on how I was looking and training “Wow” this stuff works I thought?
Our new baby and I are having a race to see who’s going to have a head full of hair first! My hair is coming back like you wouldn’t believe. The whole family uses the products. Baby Chantelle is a chemical free baby who’s never had toxins and chemicals, animal fats etc on her body, which is fantastic.
We now use all of the Neways products which helps me and my family in the karate business and personal life but best of all I can train harder and longer than I have in the past and the proof is that people notice.
I am now looking forward to the future with Neways. I can’t forget the part time business potential. I just wanted the products to pay for themselves (which is happening), and now we see so much more potential and the car is our next aim!

Warm regards
Craig Griffiths

Feed Your Brain
The answer is to power your brain on super foods!
Yes, nutrition has everything to do with your success. You can't achieve any long term success, being; sport or business success on junk foods, processed foods, red meat, dairy, sodas and sugar. That type of diet may be fine for some people but not in the real world where your paycheck depends on your performance.
In the real world, if you want to succeed, you've got to power yourself with super foods and high-end nutritional supplements.This is truly one of my own greatest secrets to successful productivity.
Each day, I start off by drinking freshly-made vegetable and fruit juices blended with super foods. Here are some of my favorite super foods:
Delicious Hawaiian Noni, Feroxin, New Vera, Durian Fusion and Green Qi
• Raw fruit & vegetables (Organic)
You also need high-end nutritional supplements, especially ones that give you healthy cellular energy. One of the very best -- which is almost in a "miracle" class by itself -- is Energy Trio Orachel, Feroxin and Revenol.
Another one I use, not surprisingly, is the omega-3 & 6-rich marine oil EFA Recovery and Ming Gold for energy, recovery-enhancing and performance-supporting powers.
I also strongly suggest the supplements from Neways. The supplements sold by Neways are also outstanding for mental performance, especially their Ingenious product & Anti-Oxidants.
If you want to succeed with your business or sport (Karate), you need a fully-functioning brain, and that means taking the very best nutritional supplements in the world from Neways nutrition.
By Craig Griffiths

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